'Her food is saving my life...'

“During the most intense period of my professional life, Kameko's beautiful food kept me sane, healthy and energized. It also had the added benefit of being completely delicious.

I am so thankful I have been able to come home to Kameko's meals." 

Genevieve Roth -Creative Industry Engagement at Hillary for America

'Applause worthy...'

"Kameko is a truly unique chef, having the ability to effortlessly shift gears by first making a delicious shepherds pie for my children's dinner at 6:30pm then to turn around and create an applause worthy five course formal sit down dinner for eight all in the same night. "

Rachel Feinstein & John Currin - Artists

'Creative and Healthy...'

"Kameko came into our lives during a very busy time: a move, new city and baby number two on the way. At eight months pregnant I was struggling just to get organized in our new life in the city. Kameko came and started cooking creative, heathy meals for me and my family.

She even preps meals that are easy to assemble ourselves when she is not here and her care in these meals ensures even they come out delicious."

Giovanna G. Lockhart -Washington D.C Editor, Glamour Magazine